Plant of the Month January 2012

Allium caeruleum (azureum)

(Shown here with Daylily and Four O’clock)

Allium caeruleum (azureum)Small, perennial bulbs in the onion family.
Known for their clear, true blue flowers about 1″
in diameter. Each plant will have several flower clusters.

Here in Albuquerque, they naturalize easily,
and also produce additional bulbils on the flower heads that can be detached and planted to expand your collection.

There is a light onion odor if leaves are crushed or broken. The foliage fades just prior to bloom.




  • 12″-18″ tall
  • Early Summer bloom
  • Sun to partial shade
  • Inexpensive – easy to buy in large amounts
  • Deer and rabbit-resistant
  • Attracts butterflies
  • Plant in Fall