A Few Words About Red Twig Studio

slider-3Founded in 2003, Red Twig Studio offers innovative approaches to landscape design—from basic, “plant-your-own” plans to larger, custom installations for less than the large firms. Since its inception, the company has provided growing solutions, landscape resources and consulting services on a
per-job basis, involving its clients in each step of the design process to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

Space Planning Down to the Last Architectural Detail

With Red Twig Studio’s multifaceted design background, we understand how an outdoor living space needs to function, from the initial space planning down to the last architectural detail. This knowledge insures a seamless transition between house and yard, effectively creating another outdoor room to your home. We understand that this is a long term investment and its beauty, as well as its functionality, needs to stand the test of time.

Budget Friendly Creative Solutions

Red Twig Studio uses creative solutions to make the most of your budget. We excel at making good design affordable.

Collaboration Between Landscape Designer and Client

Each project calls for a unique solution, and unlike others, no two of our designs are alike. Each site, client and micro climate demands its own solution, there is not one generic answer. This is why we feel the collaboration between designer and client is so important in creating the ideal outdoor living space.

Local Plant Material Knowledge

We have hands on experience with the plants that perform best in this arid climate, and know how to utilize them to best highlight your project. Red Twig Studio also designs green-certified landscapes.