Plant of the Month July 2015


White Jupiter’s Beard

Centhranthus ruber albus


Also referred to as white valerian,White jupiters beard
this perennial is at its best in early summer with a second flush in fall. Small, fragrant white flowers form a showy terminal cluster 2”-3” across. They rise on relaxed stems above bushy, clump forming foliage. I like to use them underneath roses to hide their ‘legs’, also to soften and harsh shapes in the garden. Butterflies love this plant.

This a tough plant that is easy to grow in average to poor soil, it prefers sun but also does well in partial shade. Growing to height of 24’-32”, it will reseed if flowers are not deadheaded, but the deadheading also creates a stronger second flush. Jupiters Beard is also available in a red/pink coloration and is both rabbit and deer resistant.



white jupiters beardQuick facts

  • Easy to grow
  • Attracts butterflies
  • Adds softness to the garden
  • Will naturalize