Plant of the Month April 2014

Drumstick Allium

Allium sphaerocephalon


This perky member of the onion family adds a
different dimension to the garden
. Its 1” egg shaped, wine color flowers lend a vertical presence in the midsummer garden. Typical of the allium family its long, narrow foliage begins to fade as blooming begins, so this tiny bulb is perfect for tucking into nooks and crannies of other plantings. It creates a welcome surprise come summer waving in the breeze amongst other perennials, which serve to hide the passing foliage.

This variety naturalizes freely, and soon creates a good size clump. Due to the small size of the bulb it is a dream to plant and makes for a very cost effective display. Its mature height can be 24” or more, it likes full sun and makes a great cut or dried flower. Being a member of the onion family it is naturally deer resistant. The leaves only give off a light onion smell if bruised. This little gem is an easy investment for the garden.

Quick facts

  • Small bulbs, inexpensive to plant
  • Vertical accent, 24″ high
  • Naturalizes
  • Good as cut or dried flower