Plant of the Month August 2013

Sweet Autumn Clematis                                                                    

Clematis terniflora

Sweet autumn clematis fares better thanclematis terniflora
most other clematis varieties in our hot, dry climate.  With its later bloom time, and fuller habit than most clematis, it is a welcome sight in August when most other plants have finished blooming. It is exuberant when in bloom, covered profusely with 1″ white, fragrant star shaped flowers that eventually turn into silver plumed seed heads for fall.

It is exceptionally easy to grow, blooms on new wood and  does best if pruned back hard every spring. It can grow quickly to 20′, easily covering arbors, trellises and small structures. Sweet autumn clematis pairs well with climbing roses
for a beautiful extended display of blooms.

clematis ternifloraQuick Facts

  • Vigorous, quickly covers arbors and trellises
  • Up to 20′ feet, prune hard in spring
  • Prefers full sun but tolerates some shade
  • Blooms when most plants have finished flowering
  • Profuse, white star shaped flowers
  • Deep green leaves create contrast