Plant of the Month February 2014

Lady Jane Tulip

Tulipa clusiana


This delicate beauty is stunningly reliableTulipa clusiana
in the mid-late spring garden.
A gorgeous pink exterior and a pure white interior makes for an ever changing display in the garden. On sunny days you see a field of white, while on overcast days you see the closed, upright pink outer petals. Many days you get a little of both for maximum impact, it is almost like getting two flowers instead of just one.

A small bulb, it is easily planted, and it spreads each year it has been in the ground. So in a matter of years you have a generous clump. Lady Jane is heat and drought tolerant which makes it a star in warm climate gardens. It grows 8”-10” high and prefers full sun. The moderate to fast growth, the ease of planting and virtually no maintenance make this graceful candy stripe tulip a must in your garden.


Quick Facts

  • Big impact, small bulb
  • Easy to grow, naturalizes well
  • Good for warm climates
  • Clump expands each year
  • Pink when closed, white when open to sun