Plant of the Month March 2015

Beryl Daffodil 

Narcissus ‘Beryl’


A delicate heirloom (1907) daffodil withnarcissus beryl
gracefully recurved petals, it resembles an elegant butterfly.
Being in the cyclamineus division of daffodils, it has a small, slender downward facing orange cup that fades to yellow, while outer petals that open yellow fade to white. As each flower opens, and others fade the colors blend to create a beautiful tapestry.

A reliable performer in the garden, it blooms early mid spring and over time forms generous clumps. The small, easy to plant bulb makes planting in drifts easy. It grows to a height of 8-12 inches, and is great in pots and forces well.



narcissus berylQuick facts

  • Easy to plant
  • Naturalizes well
  • Reliable return each year
  • Beautiful when planted in drifts
  • Does well in pots, forces well