Plant of the Month Winter 2014

Washington Hawthorn 

Crataegus phaeonopyrum


One of the most elegant ornamental trees available today. Washington Hawthorn
Offered in both single and multi trunk, this tree offers up three seasons of interest. Profuse, white flowers in early summer giving way to glossy, green leaves in summer and finishing up with orange- scarlet hues in fall with the added bonus of red berries that song birds adore, and with their fervent help there is little to no mess left behind. Its vase-like shape is both graceful and elegant, and the bark itself is very attractive. This particular variety has has long thorns on its branches making it a good as a barrier for privacy and/or security.



Washington HawthornHappy in full sun and with regular watering, this tree has a medium growth rate and is drought resistant. It also is an important nectar source for bees. In our area, this Hawthorn will grow to be approximately 20ʼ x 20ʼ.




Washington HawthornQuick facts

  • Three seasons of interest
  • Elegant vase shape
  • Red berries attract birds
  • Important nectar source for bees
  • Spectacular fall color