Plant of the Month May 2015


May Night Salvia

Salvia ‘May Night’


The flower spikes on this cold hardymay night salvia
salvia consist of deep purple whorls,
which sit atop soft, green leaves with toothed margins, that emit fragrance when brushed. This compact variety attracts bees and butterflies when it blooms in the late spring garden. If deadheaded, it will bloom again in late summer.

May Night needs full sun, is very drought tolerant and it also deals with clay soils well. It grows to a height of 18”-24” and a width of 12”. You can divide this plant easily to enjoy more of its beautiful violet blue flowers throughout your garden.



may night salviaQuick facts

  • Stunning deep violet color
  • Attracts bees, butterflies
  • Easy care
  • Tolerates clay soil
  • Low water use