Plant of the Month Spring 2013

‘Geranium’ Daffodil

‘Geranium’ belongs to the tazetta group of Geranium daffodil
daffodils,which are known for their multiple flowers on each stem, a sweet perfume and being good for southern gardens.

This heirloom variety (1930) is no exception, it has 2-6 fragrant blossoms per stem and each bulb will produce multiple stems. The petals are pure white surrounding a small orange cup. It perennializes extremely well.

It has been very reliable and quite vigorous in my garden, even with the heat coming earlier each spring, it keeps flowering its head off unbothered by the warmth, unlike many of the double flowered daffodils that I find getting blasted year after year. (Blasted means with the extreme temperature swings in the spring from freezing at night to unseasonable heat during the day the daffodil cannot develop). I have divided my original bulbs many times and it has yet to disappoint.

You may have noticed over the last few years that the bulb growers have caught onto the fact that the best time to sell bulbs is when they are blooming. So they are sending out their catalogs in March and April. You often can get discounts if you order before June 1.

narcissusQuick Facts

  • Excellent perennializer
  • Sweetly fragrant
  • Mid-late spring bloom – 4-5 bulbs per sq.ft.
  • Great in containers and for cutting
  • Deer and rodent resistant