Plant of the Month Summer 2014

Mme Alfred Carriere 

Heirloom Climbing Rose


A heirloom, 1879, climbing rose that excels inHeirloom rose
our warm climate.
The double blooms are intensely fragrant, a creamy white with the occasional flush of pale pink. It is an exceptional repeater, it is rare that you see it without a flower. It blooms its head off until late fall in Albuquerque. The 4” flowers are lovely in a vase, as the fragrance perfumes the house.

Madame is a vigorous grower up to 20ʼ, she loves sun and heat. I have her against a hot, west facing wall and she revels in it. Being almost thornless is a plus too. A strong structure will be required to support this climber as it grows, it will easily cover fences and sheds. Donʼt be afraid to prune her hard each spring, I find she just comes back stronger and with even more blooms. Due to her relatively unknown status, you will have to track her down online, but many quality rose growers offer her each spring.

Heirloom roseQuick facts

  • Intensely fragrant blooms
  • Excellent repeater, vigorous grower
  • Loves heat and sun
  • Heirloom